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    An apartment in the Maridian Hotel, Haifa

    An apartment in the Maridian Hotel, Haifa

    I was asked to design, within two weeks, as apartment that was bought as a birthday gift. I took on the challenge and recruited to the task my staff of highly qualified professionals. The birthday girl was very satisfied with the results – as shown in front of you.

    I have won a challenging project that lead to a wonderful friendship.

    What do they think about me?

    Dear Ela,

    Thank you so much for the masterpiece you have created for us in our lovely apartment in the Maridian. Bless your wonderful hands and thoughts, as this is exactly what we wanted…

    Well done! We did not expect such perfection.

    Thank you and Shabbat Shalom, The Perez family, Haifa

    Did you like the project?

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