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    An investment apartment, Karmel Tzarfati

    An investment apartment, Karmel Tzarfati

    An investment apartment, Haifa

    Before: a standard, dark three-room apartment with one bathroom.

    After: a four-room two-bathroom apartment better utilizing its potential.


    1. The bath area was re planned in a way that enables to create private bathroom for the master suite as well as a bathroom for guests and others.

    2.The kitchen was moved to the balcony area so that it gets more light and view.

    3.The long and narrow living room was converted into two bedrooms.

    4.The entrance, situated between the kitchen and the rooms, was converted into a living a living room

    The meticulous planning, while making maximal usage of the space and its advantages, upgraded the apartment substantially making it a more yielding investment. All this was done within a reasonable budget, set by the client.

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